Anna Loren Kaus, PT, DPT - Physical Therapist in Apo, AA

Anna Loren Kaus, PT, DPT is a Physical Therapist based in Apo, Armed Forces Americas. Anna Loren Kaus is licensed to practice in Illinois (license number 070013857) and her current practice location is 4076 Neeley Road, Apo, Armed Forces Americas. She can be reached at her office (for appointments etc.) via phone at (907) 361-5237.

NPI number for Anna Loren Kaus is 1578529293 and her current mailing address is 1007 Akiak Ave, Fairbanks, Alaska. She does not participate in medicare program and thus does not accept medicare assignments. Her NPI Number is 1578529293.

Contact Information

Anna Loren Kaus, PT, DPT
4076 Neeley Road,
Apo, AA 99703
(907) 361-5237
Not Available

Healthcare Provider's Profile

Full NameAnna Loren Kaus
SpecialityPhysical Therapist
Location4076 Neeley Road, Apo, Armed Forces Americas
Accepts Medicare AssignmentsDoes not participate in Medicare Program. She may not accept medicare assignment.
  NPI Data:
  • NPI Number: 1578529293
  • Provider Enumeration Date: 04/21/2006
  • Last Update Date: 04/28/2017

Medical Identifiers

Medical identifiers for Anna Loren Kaus such as npi, medicare ID, medicare PIN, medicaid, etc.

Medical Taxonomies and Licenses

TaxonomyTypeLicense (State)Status
225100000XPhysical Therapist 070013857 (Illinois)Primary

Medicare Part D Prescriber Enrollment

Any physician or other eligible professional who prescribes Part D drugs must either enroll in the Medicare program or opt out in order to prescribe drugs to their patients with Part D prescription drug benefit plans. Anna Loren Kaus is NOT enrolled with medicare and thus cannot prescribe medicare part D drugs to patients with medicare part D benefits.

Mailing Address and Practice Location

Mailing AddressPractice Location Address
Anna Loren Kaus, PT, DPT
1007 Akiak Ave,
Fairbanks, AK 99701-1417

Ph: (708) 275-0191
Anna Loren Kaus, PT, DPT
4076 Neeley Road,
Apo, AA 99703

Ph: (907) 361-5237

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Physical Therapist in Apo, AA

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